Looking for ways to change your business, but don’t want to do anything massive or not sure where you can make them. Throw out the paper, increase productivity and think of the environment. Admit it you look at the mess on your desk and don’t know where to begin or where the paperwork you need has gone. The change is possible, get rid of that mess on your desk in a few simple steps. And there are more benefits than just increased productivity, a few other benefits of ditching the paper are below.


By ambushing paper in the workplace you are reducing the number of trees sacrificed to source this. Rolling with such trends to revert the pollution we’ve all being throwing at earth all these years; you are also showing your flexibility to become an eco- friendly sustainable company who will be more likely to stand the test of time. It benefits the environment and you; paper isn’t needed and only takes up room.


One of the biggest contributors to office mess is paperwork, you receive documents through the post or from clients, you read through it and add it to the ever- growing stack of files. You can’t just throw it out because you may need to look back over it and don’t want to send it back for the same reason. This can be changed by scanning, any post or documents, straight onto the computer and saved into easy access, easy find client folders. Once this has been scanned, you can destroy the paper through shredding without losing a possibly important document.


Paper is so easy lost and not very well accounted for, unless you have a pristine filing system which you spent 90% of your time updating. Paper goes missing, it gets dropped, flies away in the wind or left on a side, it is kept safe. Digital files are always protected, from passwords to safety firewalls. It is very difficult to get into someone’s digital records if you’re not supposed to be. This ensures you shall not have any data breaches because someone got hold of the hard copy of personal data.

Ease of Access

Its there for instant access for you, whilst still being secure from others. Systems like dropbox, iCloud and OneDrive, give you access to all your documents wherever you are on any device with an internet connection. If you’re on the train you can check up on progress of ongoing task or remind yourself of the last communication with the customer, you’re about to see. Digital documents are easy access and can’t be moved without you being notified, they never stray far from where you left them and can be found quickly with a quick search of the system.
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