Personal Tax

Self Assessment tax returns are required to be submitted by HMRC every year if you fall into certain income categories. This is to ensure that you pay tax on all of your necessary income during the tax year. Digital Tax can help you prepare and submit your tax return to HMRC on-time every year to avoid any penalties. We will be able to advise you on your tax situation and guide you on any tax payments due.


When is a Tax Return Due

Self assessment tax returns are due on the 31st January every year. There is an earlier deadline if filing by paper but all of Digital Tax submissions are online.

A tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April each year so you have approximately 10 months to file a return after the tax year has finished.

Penalties for Filing Late

There are some major penalties for filing a tax return late. Penalties start at £100 as soon as it becomes overdue. This increases the longer it goes on. Interest can also be added on any tax overdue too

How Much Does it Cost

Our self assessment service starts at £120.00 per year for a basic tax return. Other fees may apply depending on the income sources within your tax return.

File Early and Save!

Many people leave filing their tax return to the last minute. The earlier you ask us to complete the return the lower your fees are:

  • April – September = Basic returns start at £120.00
  • October – December = Basic returns start at £159.00
  • January = Basic returns start at £199.00

Whats Included

Tax Calculation Breakdown

We show you a breakdown of all your income types, tax due, tax already paid and any national insurance contributions due so its clear how your tax bill is made up.

HMRC Tax Return Submission

Once approved, we submit your tax return directly to HMRC and provide you the submission response to show its been successfully filed.

Payment On Account Calculations

We calculate any payments on account towards future tax years that may be due. We advise you how much to pay and whether this includes your payment on account and show a full breakdown.

Tax Payment Reminders

We regularly check the HMRC account to make sure self assessment payments are fully up to date and remind you if you still have a payment to make and when it should be made.

How much does it cost

From £120.00 Per Year

For a basic self assessment tax return for a Limited Company Director

This is included in some of our Limited Company packages

Other Income Sources £POA

Other income sources have additional fees

Time of submission (as detailed above) will also have a variation on fees


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