Limited Company Accounts

Limited Companies are required to file annual statutory accounts to Companies House. The annual accounts must disclose all business income, expenditure, assets & liabilities. They must be accurately recorded and submitted to Companies House within the filing period to avoid a fine.


When are the accounts due to be filed

Annual accounts are due to be filed 9 months after the accounting reference date. This is commonly the 12 month period after the incorporation date for the first year and the end of the same month year on year thereafter.

Penalties for late filing

Penalties start at £150.00 for late filing which is within one month of the due date set by Companies House. This increases if the filing is past one month and will continue to increase until filed. If the accounts are filed late for a second year the fine will double.

What documents are produced for a Limited Company

There are three main documents that are produced for a Limited Company, these are:

  • Full Annual Accounts
  • Abbreviated Annual Accounts
  • CT600 Company Tax Return
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Limited Company Services

Annual Statutory Accounts

We compile full annual accounts in the correct format required by Companies House. The annual accounts show the full trading activity of your business throughout the year.

Company Tax Returns

Each year a Limited company is required to file a Corporation tax return, even if no profit is made. We handle the tax return for your business and file it at HMRC ensuring you are up to date.

The Latest Online Software

Managing company accounts can be tricky unless you have the necessary software to do so. We offer a Limited Company accounting licence to the latest in online software so you can easily track your business finances.

Directors Tax Return

As a company director you are required to file a self assessment personal tax return. If we manage your business finances then dealing with your personal tax is a breeze and we can often advise on how to be more tax efficient the more we know about your situation.

Company Secretarial

From annual updates on the Confirmation Statement to individual changes of Directors and Shareholders during the year, we can file all the necessary documentation with Companies House.

Registered Office Address

A Limited company is required to have a registered office address which is public information. If you work from home you may not want this address to be freely available so why not use our address so you can hide this address from the public.

Bookkeeping & VAT Returns

Keeping up to date with your bookkeeping for your business is essential. If you do not have the time to manage it yourself we can look after all aspects for you so you can just login and view up to date figures.

Director & Employee Payroll

Paying yourself and employee’s doesn’t have to be stressful. We manage all payroll matters for your company and issue payslips, payroll summaries and the necessary forms for leavers or P60’s for the end of the tax year.

Management Accounting

Annual accounts are great at showing the figures for the year, but some in-depth knowledge on a more regular basis really helps you understand more about your business which can help you grow it further. Our management reporting does just that and provides great insight into your business figures.

Future Tax Planning

We want to save your company paying unnecessary tax so our future tax planning service allows us to monitor your business and advise on future goals and savings so that you can become as tax efficient as possible.

Standard Services always Included

Fixed Monthly Fees

We agree a fixed fee for agreed services so you know exactly what is included and for how much

Digital Signatures

All of our accounts and tax returns are electronically signed so they can be filed as soon as possible

HMRC Authorisation

We get access to your HMRC account so that we can view your details and answer queries much quicker

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