What is FreeAgent?


FreeAgent is a fully integrated online based bookkeeping system. It really does look after every aspect of your business giving you greater control over your business finances. The system has been designed so that someone with little or no bookkeeping system can use the system straight away. Its a super simple system to get started on and completing those day to day tasks.

What is also nice about the FreeAgent system is that it keeps everything in one place. There are many systems available that only do one task and you would need another piece of software to complete another task. This is also the same with accounting software. Bookkeeping systems are available but most tend not to offer a payroll service built in. This is where FreeAgent differs, everything from payroll, VAT, reporting and document management is built into the system allowing it to be your central accounting hub. 



Who is it For?


FreeAgent is designed for all business users, whether its a sole trader, partnership or Limited Company. There is no im too small or too big to use the system. With HMRC making it a requirement to use an electronic based system there is no better time to change over to FreeAgent. If you are currently using other online services you may find that some of them connect into FreeAgent allowing you to have greater efficiency too. There are many systems such as CRM’s, inventory control and eCommerce systems all add-in making your online experience even greater. 


How does it compare?


One of the biggest benefits of FreeAgent is its ease of use. Compared with some of the other popular packages like Sage, FreeAgent is designed for non-accountants so they can use it and really get to grips with all of the functionality rather than just using certain sections of the system. Also being cloud based, this allows us connect into your accounts at anytime without backups needed and saves on security worries.


Features And Benefits

  • Automated Daily Bank Feeds
  • Fast, simple and customised invoicing
  • Available anytime on any device
  • Real-time collaboration with with us, your accountants
  • Safe and secure system
  • Excellent reporting library
  • Dashboard overview of financial position
  • All support included from Digital Tax & FreeAgent
  • No software installation or IT maintenance required
  • Licence included in every Digital Tax package

FreeAgent Training Sessions

We offer a great FreeAgent training session for businesses. We have multiple options available which include:

  • Half day sessions
  • Full day sessions
  • One to One basis
  • Team training sessions


We never hold a training session with multiple businesses. We like to visit your office and get you setup accordingly with bespoke training according to the user type so they are not bombarded with information that is not relevant to their role. For more information on our training services please get in touch.